A Little Crazy Intro

People I meet often tell me I’m crazy.

I’m sitting in my little flat in Bristol cross legged on the sofa. I’m listening to a song by easy wanderlings entitled “dream to keep us going”.

My name is Michael and this song seems appropriate tonight.
I hope these words resonate with you.
People often tell me I’m crazy, that ‘you can’t do that’ or that’s not how it’s done.

My first proper job was as a factory worker when I was seventeen. I stayed there for sixteen months and when the last day came my colleagues wished me well, I went to my boss, Jane, to thank her for the opportunity. She promptly informed me that I was “the most difficult employee in fifty years” , I smiled, I was not so secretly proud of that.

Sometimes when you don’t know who you are its easier to find out who you’re not.

I tried a few things not limited to and including. Joining the Air Force, Becoming a Kitchen Porter, Running a Hotel, Learning to Fly, Chauffeur Driving, going to University, getting kicked out of university, running away to Nepal, finding love...and losing it again.

I still don’t know who I am, but I know more than I did. I know that the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had have made me change. I’ve realised that I’m drawn towards a certain type of person. The kind of person that believes in something, the kind of person that we call crazy or rebellious. The kind of person who is passionate and different.

Yes they’re weird but they’re real, and they’re something special. If we don’t think differently then the world will never change. It is the Rosa Parks, the Steve Jobs, the Richard Bransons. They rightly or wrongly believed in a different world and in their daring to think different changed something. We can quote them, ridicule them or praise them but they have an impact, for in their difference lies genius.

I would like to dedicate this space on these pages to all those people who dare to think different. It is here that I hope you will find a space to feel home. To feel honoured. I will do my best to gather from my experience the stories and lessons of the friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances who in their lives challenge the normal and inspire us all.

It is my dream that by sharing these great stories and lessons that more people, passionate people, people like you, might think different and change the world too.

So please if you’ve learnt something, if you’re proud of something or you’ve got a story. It would be my honour to be inspired by you.

Mad Love

Michael Merritt

P.s for those who I didn’t twist your arm into reading this and don’t know me I have attached a photo of me in my favourite coffee shop.

Credits : Sophie of Friska

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