The Dream Of Chaka.Life


Chaka : (Kurdish - English Translation) : Giving to others without expecting to receive anything in return.

Pesh and I worked together for a non-profit. It organised projects to help people in need, around the world. Without the correct funding the organisation declined rapidly.

We met in Bryant Park, New York  in 2017. We spoke about getting rid of donations all together. To start a company, to have fun, to challenge the status quo and leave the world better than when we started. 

In 2019 the time was right. Pesh and I have now begun.

Welcome to our website

A place to share stories and lessons. A place we hope to build a community of passionate people.

A place to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

One day we hope to sell products here. Everyday products of the greatest quality and design. Products that give back and leave the world a better place.

We would like for our logo to mean something. To be an understanding between those who use our products are consume our content.

This is why we are starting with a community. We hope to find people who believe what we believe.

We cannot promise that we will achieve all these things. In fact 90% of new businesses fail. Even if we fail we hope simply to challenge those bigger companies to be better. This is our cause. 

Have a lovely day. 

Welcome to Chaka


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