The Dream Of Chaka.Life

Pesh and I worked together years ago for a non-profit organisation doing projects around the world with the sole aim of leaving the world better than we found it.

The organisation wasn't a success, relying on donations from the public and governing bodies had too much red tape. 

We met in Bryant Park, New York  in 2017 and spoke about getting rid of donations all together, starting a company that would challenge the status quo, build bridges between people and use the profit to fund projects that leave the world better than when we started. 

Years later Pesh and I met again in London, paddington station. Our life situations had changed. Both Pesh and I were doing different things but our cause was still there.

Pesh and I still believed in our dream, a dream of a business revolution where the products sold are not just mindlessly consumed but stand for something, something greater than ourselves. A business where the brand is not just a logo but an understanding. A business that stands for honouring those in pursuit of greatness, a business that believes in passionate people and a business that is leaving the world in a better state than when it arrived. 

We cannot promise that we will achieve all these things. In fact 90% of new businesses fail. But we know, that even if we fail we will challenge those big companies to be better. This is our cause. 

It is Chaka that brings life to our cause. 

Welcome to Chaka





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