About Us

Dear Visitors,

 Thank you for joining us at HotJunky it really is our pleasure to have you, I wish we could be there in person but hey the world has changed so we will do our best.

My name is Michael, I’m British and this is the story of our little company that is trying to change the world.

 On the 23rd of July 2017 I was in Bryant Park New York, I was with a man I had met only a few hours previously called Pesh.

 Pesh and I had met in a hostel, the very cheapest of NYC in the “second chinatown”, a place called Flushing. It was an excellent $8 per night. That morning Pesh and I were exercising outside of the Hostel early in the morning and got talking when he noticed my English accent talking on the phone.

 Pesh was a larger than life character, we spoke for hours. He explained how he was starting a charity and was studying at Harvard. It was mean of me but I did wonder if it was possible that this man was studying at Harvard…until he went to his room to show me the certificate and photos of him at the UN, he had indeed graduated in international aid.

 As it turned out Pesh was a Refugee from the middle east and he had travelled to England when he was very young in the back of a lorry. To get away from the war he left everything behind and risked his life seeing friends and family die along the way.

 Pesh then spent the next years in England building an import export business with a vow to one day return to the middle east and help the people. He sold his company and amassed a fortune spending it funding all sorts of projects that he created and ran.

 The story of Pesh inspired so many people, not just me but some of the biggest charities and government bodies around the world (I won’t name and shame) . I helped Pesh for eighteen months, we built projects and assessed need. Unfortunately the promised donations and project funding never came.

 Pesh and I thought we would build businesses and secretly fund our projects with % of company profits and then never have to ask for donations.

 We wanted to start generic businesses so that income would be solid and consistent. We threw ourselves into it but every single one failed. We were trying to compete with the biggest companies in the world just trying to follow what they do.

 It has taken over two years from the moment we first brainstormed on a paper napkin in Bryant Park to comprehend one key concept of real change STOP FOLLOWING.


HotJunky is a commitment to those who do not follow, those who run in the face of ordinary and those who want to change the world.

 HotJunky is an underdog, we’re small. We have long shipping times and sometimes we spend more money than we make. We’re not perfect but we have a promise. Great products, Great value, Great Customer service but above all that we promise your purchases will make positive impact on the world.

 We are committed to changing the way that big companies operate. If this means that all we achieve is to disrupt the online marketplace and show that it is possible to use this market for good then we’d be happy with just that.

 Join us on our journey to change the world